My Three Words – My Guide for 2020

I learned about choosing three words to guide my year a few years ago from Chris Brogan.  Chris has an annual process where he chooses three words to anchor his year.  These three words are meant to drive your year forward.  They are the beacon on which you decide yes I will do something or no I will not do it this year.

The first two words I can up with pretty quickly.  I knew with my year and working to get a new business up and running that these two words would help me choose what I needed to do each day.

The last word I debated on for a while.  I thought about focus.  Needing to make sure my attention was on what I needed it to be on.  Be that my business, my health or my family.  But it just didn’t feel right to me.

I thought about love.  What could be more important than love? To both be open to receive as well as give.  That love would guide me through my decisions. Do I love what I am doing?  Do I love who I am doing it for? But again, it just didn’t feel right.  Although saying that, sounds off. 

Here are my three words for the year – ask, serve create.

Ask is hard for me.  I have a hard time asking people for things or for help.  I always feel like I am putting people out by asking anything of them.  This year I will ask people for their time, energy and talents. 

As I build my business I will ask artists how I can best create the online community for them.  I will ask artists to join the community we are creating.  I will ask fair organizers to list their events on my site.  I will ask professionals to be interviewed for my business.  I will ask my family for space to create what I need to create this year.  I will ask my family for help when I need it.  Asking is hard, but this is the year of asking.

Serving has never been a problem for me.  It is a space I am comfortable in occupying.  However, this year it will be tied closely to asking.  After asking, I will listen and then make sure I am serving the artists in the best way possible.  I will serve my family by being present with them.  Because how often are we in the same physical space, but not really there. I will serve myself by taking time to take care of myself. (Not something I have been very good at.) And I will serve my community through doing outreach, volunteering and being available.

My last word is the one I was having a problem coming up with.  It is create.  Create this year means I will be creating the company I want to work in.  Creating a place where artists can get supports and also create a business which they thrive in.  Creating a home where we all find comfort after long days working.  And a home my children who have moved out will love coming back to again. Also, creating space in my home where I can create.  Creating our cottage so it feels complete, relaxing and inviting.  Creating space in my life for things I love, my family, engaging work, creativity.  Creating a mindset where I know I can do all this because God didn’t create me to play small.  Creating time to become a photographer, writer, entrepreneur.

So much creation!

My three words, ask, serve and create will set the path for this year.  They will provide the framework for my goals and daily tasks.  Does what I am doing fit into one of these three things?  If not, does it absolutely need to get done?  If not, it will be a no for this year.

If you were to chose a word or words for this year, what would yours be?



You can learn more about Chris Brogan at  He has a weekly newsletter which he writes which always brings a smile to face on Sunday morning.

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