From Goals to Action: How Entrepreneurs Can Crush Priorities Each Week

Alarm Clock

As an entrepreneur, achieving your goals requires a systematic approach to managing your time effectively. Look at your number one goal for the year, and then let’s create a way of hitting that goal. Your goal may be a certain revenue number, customers, or monthly users. Decide what metric you are tracking, and then let’s provide a basic framework to ensure you are scheduling the time needed to make the goal happen.

Here’s a practical strategy for scheduling your week and daily routines to make significant progress toward your top priorities:

Goal Breakdown:

Break down your long-term goals into smaller, actionable tasks. These tasks should be manageable units that contribute to your overall objective.

Weekly Planning:

Every week, dedicate some time to planning. On Monday, for example, list your top three to four priorities for the week. These priorities should align with your long-term goals and represent the most important tasks for that period.

Calendar Review:

Take a look at your calendar for the week. Identify any pre-existing commitments like meetings, family dinners, or social events. This step is crucial because it helps you allocate your available time wisely.

Task Allocation:

Once you have your priorities and commitments in mind, allocate specific tasks to each day of the week. Be realistic and avoid overloading any single day. This approach ensures you don’t get derailed by unexpected interruptions or unpredictability.

Task Variety:

Consider the nature of your goals and tasks. Some days may require deep work on a project, while others may involve content creation or social media scheduling. Tailor your daily schedule to match the specific needs of your current priorities.

Time Blocking:

Create time blocks for each activity. Time blocks are dedicated chunks of time to work on your tasks. Time blocking enhances focus and productivity by reducing distractions.


Stay flexible within your time blocks. While sticking to your planned schedule as much as possible is essential, be prepared to adjust if urgent matters arise. The key is to ensure that your top priorities still receive attention.

Daily Reflection:

Reflect on your progress at the end of each day or the beginning of the next. Assess what you accomplished and what needs to carry over to the next day or week. This reflection helps you stay on track and make necessary adjustments.


Consistency is vital to success. Stick to your schedule and refine your time management skills as you go along. Over time, you’ll become more adept at prioritizing and accomplishing your goals efficiently.

Celebrate Milestones:

Remember to celebrate your achievements, no matter how small they may seem. Recognizing your progress can boost motivation and keep you committed to your entrepreneurial journey.

In summary, achieving your entrepreneurial goals involves meticulous planning, effective time allocation, and adaptability to life’s curveballs. By breaking down your goals, scheduling tasks, and maintaining consistency, you can make significant strides toward realizing your aspirations.

Last Quarter of 2023 – Where Did the Summer Go?

Fall in Oscoda Michigan

The last quarter of 2023 has arrived, and I wonder where did the summer go; it has truly passed by in the blink of an eye, and it seems to go by even faster as I age.

I’ll admit I always assume I’ll have more time to pursue my interests. This past summer, I had grand plans of riding my bike several times a week, paddleboarding daily, taking leisurely walks, and capturing more photos.

However, to be perfectly honest, my bike remained untouched, the paddleboard collected dust since June, and even my camera stayed in hibernation. I always told myself, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Well, here we are in October, and tomorrow has yet to arrive.

These weren’t extravagant goals; they were simple, enjoyable activities I wanted to invest more time in. Yet, somehow, I allowed time to slip away without indulging in these pleasures.

Now, I find myself mourning the fact that summer has come to an end, and I didn’t seize these opportunities. I must acknowledge that my perception of a long summer hindered me from pursuing what I truly desired.

Reflecting on the past to plan for the future, I realize I need to approach life less as distinct quarters and more as a weekly or daily journey. Goals are not something to be worked on tomorrow. They need to be part of the daily calendar to prioritize fun, creativity, business growth, or other goals.

So, in this final quarter of 2023, here’s to creating a daily list of tasks that will lead me toward my goals, with fun as an integral part of that journey!

Now, I pose the same question to you: What remains on your 2023 goal list that you still need to achieve? And how do you plan to make it a reality? (This question is as much for you as it is for me.)

Comparison is a Thief of Joy

Early morning sky with palm tree

Comparison is a thief to joy.

There are so many ways to compare ourselves. We compare our lives to the lives we believe others are leading on social media. Essentially, comparing our low lights to the high lights in the lives of our friends or celebrities.

We somehow always find ourselves lacking.

We may feel we lack opportunities, wealth, family, and fun. And then wonder why we are not living a bigger life. Not noticing before the comparison, we were pretty happy with our lives.

But maybe worse than comparing ourselves to someone else’s highlights, we also compare ourselves to ourselves.

The selves we used to be:
Where did our energy go?
Where did my abs go?
Why can’t I lift the weights I did 5 years ago?
Why can’t I run an 8-minute mile anymore?

Or maybe you are comparing who you thought you would be with who you are? I thought I would be married. Have kids. Be retired. Be further in my career.

All of this comparison steals the joy of being who you are today. And today, you are uniquely you. There is no one quite like you. Even you are a little different than you were yesterday.

So, today, enjoy being you. Lift the weight you can and be grateful for the strength you have. Run the pace you are capable of today and know you are a better run just for running

Be you.

PS – This may have just been a reminder to myself. You know, to just be me. If you resonate with this as well, remember to be you. No one else can be you but you.

Important Stuff

What is truly the important stuff in our lives?


What would you add to this list?

And if you took an audit of your time and money, would how you spent both reflect your list?

Something to think about over the weekend.

Will how you spend your time, energy, and money this weekend reflect your important stuff?

If not, maybe it is time to consider what you really value.

Take Some Time for Yourself


Note to self –

It has been an emotional week. Take some time for yourself this weekend.

The tears may come this weekend; let them come. The laughs may come too. Don’t judge yourself for laughing while mourning.

Your kids are all home for another day; they are also mourning. It’s hard to see your kids when they are hurting.

Give hugs and let others hug you.

Be grateful for the life you have been given. For the family you have and the friends you have made.

Time and health are not guaranteed. Don’t waste the blessing of either.

Spend some time outside. Nature has a way of healing the soul and reigniting your purpose.

Take care of yourself this weekend.

Laugh. Love. Hug. Cry. And move with intention as you continue on your journey of life.


Progress requires the courage to take a step towards your goal. 

We tend to overthink our goals. Thinking we need a grand gesture. The go big or stay home mindset. 

But the journey starts with the first baby step. The very first step will enact the force of momentum. 

Momentum is a part of physics. According to Newton ;

“An object at rest remains at rest, and an object in motion remains in motion at constant speed and in a straight line unless acted on by an unbalanced force.”

Start the motion today. 

Take the first step today. Make the second step tomorrow. Slowly, keep moving forward. 

Each day moves forward in your journey. A journey you have the choice to direct or be directed by outside forces.

Choose and move forward.

The daily choice to take the next step is the only thing you need to make progress. 

It is all up to you.

Everyday Decisions


It is the everyday decisions that create our lives.

The decision to run in the morning or to hit the snooze button.

The choice to connect with your parents, children, or friends through a call instead of posting on social media.

The decision to eat an apple instead of a donut.

The decision to attend your child’s sporting event instead of continuing to work on a project.

Each choice you make each day makes you a better or worse version of yourself.

The results of your everyday decisions may take years to be seen. But the effects of your choices will show up through improved physical, mental and spiritual health. Or declining health, relationships, and life.

Which one choice today are you willing to make for a better future version of yourself?

Do the Thing to be the Person you Want to be

running shoes

Do the thing to be the person you want to be –

In order to be a writer, you must write.

To be a runner, you must run.

Simple concept, which humans make hard.

Will you become the world’s fastest runner, simply by tying your shoes and running? No. Not likely.

But each run will make you a bit better. Each run will be a bit different, some easier, some harder. Some will seem easy, yet you ran your fastest pace yet.

Running is simple, lace up your shoes and go. And it can be complicated, making sure you have the right shoes for the way you run. The right clothes, which wick away sweat. Make sure your pace is correct. Run with a group or do it on your own?

But in the end, the only thing which really makes you a runner is the simple fact you went out the door and ran.

To be a runner, run.

Substitute any verb for the noun you want to be.

Do the thing to be the person you want to be.


Easter Eggs

Our time on earth is marked in a series of cycles or seasons. The four seasons. The seasons of childhood and adulthood. The sun rises and sets each day.

I woke to a full moon reflecting on the lake – one of the many phases of nature.

It is also Easter Sunday. For some, today is a Christian holy day. A day of religious celebration. The end of the forty days of lent.

For others, Easter means a big meal celebrated with family. For others, it is simply a day of Easter baskets and candy.

It is a mark of the end of winter and the rebirth of spring.

It is also obviously Sunday, the first day of the week or the last day of the weekend. I guess it depends on your outlook. Another day to do your own thing. Or a day off as your mind drifts towards Monday.

There is no stopping the seasons or the cycles of life.

We can dread the change of seasons, compulsory holiday dinners, and work prep. Or we can bring gratitude for the gift of each new day.

The days will keep coming until they don’t. There is nothing humans can do to stop the changes and progressions of life. The only thing we can change is our attitude towards them.

Happy Easter.

Happy Sunday.

Happy first day of the week.

Happy Pink Full Moon.

Choose what and how you celebrate today.

Show Up

Show up

Do the thing you want to do.

Show up for yourself. You don’t have to do it for anyone but you. You may think you can put it off. And honestly, you could put it off, and no one but you would know.

You need to do it.

Show up.


Simple, but not easy.