Morning Coffee and planning my words

I think the underlying feeling I have had over the past year has been overwhelmed. I have been overwhelmed with guilt, exhaustion, grief, tiredness, sadness. As a result, I have all but shut down. 

As I started to dig my way out from all the negative and refocus, something new would bring me back down.

Moving onto my blank slate of 2021, I have a few tools I will use to get past this. Because, to be honest, most of what happened in the past year is still happening now.

So here is my plan to get back to feeling more like me: Continue reading “Overwhelmed”

The Daily Edit

Pencils in Orange Mug - Editing Tools

Journalists who wrote for newspapers knew everything about the daily edit. They submitted their articles, went to an editor, and made changes, deletions, and corrections. It was a daily edit of their work. 

In school, our teachers had us write drafts of papers. We turned them in; she/he used a red pen and marked them up. Spelling errors, grammatical errors, ideas that needed to be expanded upon or removed entirely were all marked in red. Sometimes, it was a complete restart from one draft to the next. (Just me??) Continue reading “The Daily Edit”

Creating Space

Old Swim Coat Filled with patches

There is something invigorating about creating space. The calendar’s flip to a new year creates all sorts of space or the illusion of it. Pulling down the Christmas decorations creates new space in our homes.

This new space fills our soul with a sense of optimism. Or maybe a need to refill the space with something new.

I find I am more creative when the slate is clean. My desk is cleared off—the areas within my eye-sight with nothing out of order.

Maybe this is why I hadn’t been creating recently. My outer and inner spaces were filled with stuff. Continue reading “Creating Space”

Closing the Doors on 2020

Closed Barn Doors on 2020

With the closing of the doors on 2020, we have opened new ones. As we walk through these doors, we have the choice to learn from 2020 or continue down the same path we were on last year.

To set a new course, we first need to know what went wrong and what went right. If we don’t look back on the year to understand what we did, which caused poor results, how will we correct them?

I will say it was not fun doing it. It brought up all sorts of yuck from the year. But it was also therapeutic. And on the other side of the tears shed for 2020, there is now hope for 2021. Continue reading “Closing the Doors on 2020”

Looking Back on 2020

Fall colors - a look back at 2020

Looking back on 2020- I have to say, I really didn’t want to look back on 2020. Even on the last day of the year, knowing I didn’t do all I could, I just didn’t want to do it.

But, to make 2021 better, a look back, I did.

The year 2020 was one of a few steps forward, stolen moments, milestones, loss, and deep gratitude.

Looking back at the steps forward in 2020-


Continue reading “Looking Back on 2020”

I Failed 2020

Dead End sign

I have started my annual review, and I just have to say, I failed 2020. Yup, no bullshitting here, I just didn’t do very well this year, and if I am honest and needed to give myself a grade, I would be hard-pressed to say I earned anything other than an F.

I do not say this lightly or to be funny.

I simply did not rise to the challenges this year gave me. In fact, I crumbled under a few of them. I think this grade was fairly earned. Continue reading “I Failed 2020”

Just Another Day

Computer, notebook, flowers, coffee mug

Today is just another day. It isn’t a holiday. It isn’t a dreaded Monday or a fun Saturday. Today is just another day.

How many of us woke up and moved forward with our lives just like we do any other morning? We have our routines, and today is no different than any other day.

Today, you may be on your first cup of coffee, or maybe your fourth cup (me)! Perhaps today, you have already exercised because that is part of your routine. Maybe you have sat quietly and meditated. Gone through your emails or checked social media. Just to discover it is just another morning of people complaining about the government, someone has a birthday, someone lost someone they loved. Continue reading “Just Another Day”

Hitting the Reset Button

Alarm Clock

I have had a hard time hitting the reset button. It is easy in so many ways to stop a downward spiral; you just need to stop and restart. Hit the reset button, so to speak.

Yet, December, or maybe most of 2020, has been a bit of a wash. I mean, the year started out well. There was a bit traction in my business. I met with artists, had positive responses to emails, had conferences scheduled, and then everything was canceled. Continue reading “Hitting the Reset Button”

Going After What I Want

Computer & Breathe coffee mug

It appears I stopped showing up. I stopped moving forward, and I just stopped going after what I want. And I don’t mean in a holiday craziness kind of way. I just haven’t even done the everyday things I had been doing.

I pulled out my weekly planner, where I write down my daily to-do list. It starts on a Monday and then goes through the week. When I looked at it, the last week I had used it was the week beginning November 30.

It had been almost four weeks since I had last used it! Four weeks! Continue reading “Going After What I Want”

What Do I Want?

We have arrived at the time of year when I start to question, what do I really want? Or maybe the question of what do I want begins with the holidays. I guess it could be the chicken and egg thing.

For me, I don’t really want a whole lot of things, at least material things. Yes, it would be nice to do some projects around the house, which I guess are material things, but mostly, I am all set.

What do I really want, and how do I make sure my life is aimed in a direction towards what I want. Continue reading “What Do I Want?”