Last Quarter of 2023 – Where Did the Summer Go?

The last quarter of 2023 has arrived, and I wonder where did the summer go; it has truly passed by in the blink of an eye, and it seems to go by even faster as I age.

I’ll admit I always assume I’ll have more time to pursue my interests. This past summer, I had grand plans of riding my bike several times a week, paddleboarding daily, taking leisurely walks, and capturing more photos.

However, to be perfectly honest, my bike remained untouched, the paddleboard collected dust since June, and even my camera stayed in hibernation. I always told myself, “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Well, here we are in October, and tomorrow has yet to arrive.

These weren’t extravagant goals; they were simple, enjoyable activities I wanted to invest more time in. Yet, somehow, I allowed time to slip away without indulging in these pleasures.

Now, I find myself mourning the fact that summer has come to an end, and I didn’t seize these opportunities. I must acknowledge that my perception of a long summer hindered me from pursuing what I truly desired.

Reflecting on the past to plan for the future, I realize I need to approach life less as distinct quarters and more as a weekly or daily journey. Goals are not something to be worked on tomorrow. They need to be part of the daily calendar to prioritize fun, creativity, business growth, or other goals.

So, in this final quarter of 2023, here’s to creating a daily list of tasks that will lead me toward my goals, with fun as an integral part of that journey!

Now, I pose the same question to you: What remains on your 2023 goal list that you still need to achieve? And how do you plan to make it a reality? (This question is as much for you as it is for me.)

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