Mid-Year Review

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When I worked for a company, we did a mid-year review and a final review each year. The mid-year was done with your boss to make sure you were on track to meet standards for the year. In essence, so there would be no surprises as your final review.

It was the final review where what you accomplished was compared to the goals set by myself and my boss at the beginning of the year. Was everything accomplished? Did you go above and beyond what was expected? Did you not meet standards in an area? If so, there were systems put in place to help you meet standards the following year. 

Because a review at mid-year was completed, the one at year-end wasn’t supposed to have surprises.  It often did. When I stopped working for a company, I was grateful to never have to go through this process again. And I am certain my boss was just as glad to never have to give me another review.

The thing with the review process is it keeps you on track.

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My Three Words – My Guide for 2020

Morning Coffee and planning my words

I learned about choosing three words to guide my year a few years ago from Chris Brogan.  Chris has an annual process where he chooses three words to anchor his year.  These three words are meant to drive your year forward.  They are the beacon on which you decide yes I will do something or no I will not do it this year.

The first two words I can up with pretty quickly.  I knew with my year and working to get a new business up and running that these two words would help me choose what I needed to do each day. Continue reading “My Three Words – My Guide for 2020”


My Inspiration

In an Instagram, social media filled world, it isn’t hard to see the life you want to live displayed on someone else’s feed.  But what does it really mean to be living an inspiring life? Does it really fill you with inspiration?

Does looking through your friend’s feeds inspire you?  Does it make you filled with joy watching them grow and have amazing experiences?  Or does it in some way diminish your life?

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