Mid-Year Review

When I worked for a company, we did a mid-year review and a final review each year. The mid-year was done with your boss to make sure you were on track to meet standards for the year. In essence, so there would be no surprises as your final review.

It was the final review where what you accomplished was compared to the goals set by myself and my boss at the beginning of the year. Was everything accomplished? Did you go above and beyond what was expected? Did you not meet standards in an area? If so, there were systems put in place to help you meet standards the following year. 

Because a review at mid-year was completed, the one at year-end wasn’t supposed to have surprises.  It often did. When I stopped working for a company, I was grateful to never have to go through this process again. And I am certain my boss was just as glad to never have to give me another review.

The thing with the review process is it keeps you on track.

And now that I am working for myself, it is even more essential for tracing my goals. Because these goals are personal. I mean this for both personal and professional goals. They are personal.

Half Marathon Training

For my personal goal of running a half marathon, I have my training printed out and placed on my fridge. I literally look at it multiple times a day. This may be a sign I am at the refrigerator way too often. 

Each day I need to track my progress. A checkmark means I did what was planned. A blank day means I skipped the day. Sometimes I change the mileage, either because I ran a little more or less that day.  At a quick glass at the schedule, it is easy to see how the training is going. 

Too many days without a checkmark will make the half marathon harder than it needs to be. Or possibly, getting injured running it. 

Weight Loss Goals

Same thing with weight loss goals. It can be as simple as noting my clothes are getting a bit tight or loose or seeing the numbers on the scale go up or down. But when you actually track the food you are eating through a journal or an app, you tend to know you are heading in the right/wrong direction without even getting on the scale. Or trying to button up your jeans.

Business Goals

With my business, writing down where I would like things to be at year-end, what needs to be done now to make sure I accomplish this? It is backing into each number and then figuring out exactly what needs to be done today to achieve this.

And I need to be doing the work daily to make sure the results at December 31 are where I would like them to be.

Doing the work doesn’t mean no days off. Part of running the business is taking care of myself. But it does mean metrics need to be hit weekly to be successful. 

A certain number of emails to be sent out. Phone calls to be made. Articles to be written. Updates to the website complete. Newsletters to be emailed.  Social media attended to, etc. etc. etc.

When I worked for a company, I only worried about one area of the company to meet my goals. When I am the company, I need to worry about all areas of the business.

And so, this weekend, I am completing my mid-year review. This may be a painful process, but the only way to get to where I want to go is to know where I am today. And to chart a corrected path to get there.

So, doing the work, adjusting the course, and getting to where I want to go! In business, running, and weight loss!


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