Welcome to my little space on the internet.

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The plan is to keep my little space updated with pictures, thoughts, music I love, and books I am reading, but this isn’t always the case. There is always something else to do. Finding time to hang out with my family will always be my priority.

This site contains my personal thoughts and family photos taken during our travels and our everyday life—a small window into this working mom’s life.

Here’s hoping I can keep up with my family, life, and the website…

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Alarm Clock

I'm not sure what this year will hold. Will events be something that happens this year? Will I run in another race this year? Will I be able to get my business moving? Will vaccines be available and be a key to getting life back to "normal"?

I have no answers to these questions. But I do have goals I plan on hitting this year. If 2020 taught us nothing else, life is too precious to wait on things out of your control.

Live this year safely, carefully, and with abandon! 🥂

Third sprint through my business and health goals! Check my post to see if I made my 30 and 10 goal.

Dream Home

What is your dream home. I believe we have all seen those posts on Facebook with a series of pictures of houses. A seaside home,

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Computer, notebook, flowers, coffee mug

Mid-Year Review

When I worked for a company, we did a mid-year review and a final review each year. The mid-year was done with your boss to

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Songs of my life

Knowing You

To be able to film the foggy scenes, just a personal goal to be that good. And of course, love Kenny Chesney, the ocean, the Carribean…..

Whole lot of life goals being filmed here.