Our time on earth is marked in a series of cycles or seasons. The four seasons. The seasons of childhood and adulthood. The sun rises and sets each day.

I woke to a full moon reflecting on the lake – one of the many phases of nature.

It is also Easter Sunday. For some, today is a Christian holy day. A day of religious celebration. The end of the forty days of lent.

For others, Easter means a big meal celebrated with family. For others, it is simply a day of Easter baskets and candy.

It is a mark of the end of winter and the rebirth of spring.

It is also obviously Sunday, the first day of the week or the last day of the weekend. I guess it depends on your outlook. Another day to do your own thing. Or a day off as your mind drifts towards Monday.

There is no stopping the seasons or the cycles of life.

We can dread the change of seasons, compulsory holiday dinners, and work prep. Or we can bring gratitude for the gift of each new day.

The days will keep coming until they don’t. There is nothing humans can do to stop the changes and progressions of life. The only thing we can change is our attitude towards them.

Happy Easter.

Happy Sunday.

Happy first day of the week.

Happy Pink Full Moon.

Choose what and how you celebrate today.

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