Do the Thing to be the Person you Want to be

Do the thing to be the person you want to be –

In order to be a writer, you must write.

To be a runner, you must run.

Simple concept, which humans make hard.

Will you become the world’s fastest runner, simply by tying your shoes and running? No. Not likely.

But each run will make you a bit better. Each run will be a bit different, some easier, some harder. Some will seem easy, yet you ran your fastest pace yet.

Running is simple, lace up your shoes and go. And it can be complicated, making sure you have the right shoes for the way you run. The right clothes, which wick away sweat. Make sure your pace is correct. Run with a group or do it on your own?

But in the end, the only thing which really makes you a runner is the simple fact you went out the door and ran.

To be a runner, run.

Substitute any verb for the noun you want to be.

Do the thing to be the person you want to be.

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