Monday Morning Chaos

Creation sure looks a lot like destruction. 

I’m not sure if it is because I am more focused on creating this year or because this time of year I just want to hibernate.  But I have been restless and feeling the urge to nest.

Nesting isn’t something which I have felt this strongly since I had my last child.  Seventeen years ago! But I have a strong sense of needing to organize, clean and redo spaces in my home.

To be honest, the whole house could use a pretty big redo.  A redo the likes of which our tiny budget can’t swing.  You know things like, gutting two bathrooms and a kitchen.  Refinishing the hardwood floors and maybe some new carpet in the basement. 

And that is just the inside of the house.  The outside I can ignore for now, because it is too cold, snowy, icy and windy to want to be outside.

Since I have no budget for the big projects, I have been looking at the smaller things I can do.

My son’s room was in desperate need of repainting.  It was the first room we painted when we moved in 21 years ago!  So, I asked my husband what he was doing two weekends ago and he didn’t have plans.  Big mistake on his part.  🙂

My son’s room now has a beautiful new color on it and he is working on organizing his things as we speak.

My husband is now out of town and has no idea the mess I am making!  I dug into the leftover ceiling and trim paint and started working on the downstairs family room.  I figured I could knock it out over the weekend.

Uh not so much.  I am now halfway through painting and it is Monday morning.  Well, not halfway yet and I need to have it back together by tomorrow afternoon when he returns.  No one should come back from a crazy work trip to the hell that erupted when I had to clear out the room to paint!

You see when you live in a small home, there is only so much space to put things.  The closest place was to move all the things I could move was our bedroom.  Which is why I needs to be done before he gets home.  Cuz nothing is worse than spending a day traveling and not even being able to get to your bed!!

So, one more coat of trim paint and on to the walls. 

And of course, I noticed just how gross the carpet was while I was sitting on it painting the baseboard, so I’ll need to clean the carpets too.  Remember, replacing the carpet is on my big list of things to do, which won’t get done anytime soon.

Starting to feel the stress!!!

And of course, I do still need to work the next two days.  My desk is currently under a sheet with painting supplies on it!

And then I am off for a week of work related travel starting on Wednesday.  And taking a look at my paint cover hands, I need to schedule a manicure before I go!

All I can see is a whole lot of destruction in my home.  Creating a more beautiful, restful space sure causes a lot of chaos. 

Wish me luck getting everything in order in the next 24 hours!  If I can pull this off, I may just move onto the upstairs living room!

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