Making a difference

Sometimes, you don’t know if what you are doing is making a difference. You show up every day but don’t see a change.

Sometimes this is because the work you are doing is creating small changes—nothing you see with your eyes. But over time, others will see the difference. An example of this might be working out, you don’t see the 10 pounds you lost, but others notice it.

Other times, you just do work you believe in and hope someone gets value from it. But honestly, you may never know in your lifetime unless someone tells you.

Today, someone reached out to me through my DMS. My posts on Instagram had inspired her to create today. I have been posting daily for months, hoping someone would get value from what I was posting. I would never have known, but someone took a moment to send a message. It meant everything to me.

So there are two important ways making a difference in this story:
1. Keep showing up and doing the work you believe in. You may feel like you are speaking into a void, but someone is getting value from your work. And honestly, your daily practice is making you better.
2. Let someone know when something moves, inspires, or even makes you laugh. Your kind words may be the difference between someone continuing their work or stoping it.

And doing the first can cause the second, which in turn causes the first. And life is just a little bit better.

Be blessed –

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