I’m tired. I feel like maybe this is part of a ten-step program, the acknowledgement of the problem. So here it goes, my name is Catherine and I’m tired.  Deep down, bone tired. I know I am not the only one felling this way. Sometimes I think I can just outrun this fatigue, but honestly, I can’t.

I am sure there is more than one cause of this tiredness. The constant monitoring of my health to make sure I am not sick. The continual washing of my hands. The constant canceling of plans. At this point, my calendar is pretty much empty, except for two weeks coming up.

I am tired of working more than one job because I started a company in the events industry and well 2020….

I am worn out because I am always worried about my kids, husband, parents.

I’m exhausted because, for some reason, I go onto social media and ….. Do I even need to state more on this?

I am tired because I don’t go to the gym to exercise, because I am too tired. And yes I know if I exercised, I would be less tired. But I’m too exhausted to make it out the door. With a side of is it really safe to work out at a gym?

I am tired because I see so much loss around me—a loss of income, life, health, community.

This isn’t something unique to me.

I think we need to acknowledge the constant strain of this year is having on us. As a society, we are just tired. And there appears to be no solution coming anytime soon. 

I certainly do not have a solution. But I am hoping that by acknowledging that I am not ok. That I am tired, physically, emotionally and spiritually from this year, that I will be able to find a way to live around this feeling. To move forward with it, since I don’t seem to be able to leave it behind.

On that note, I am heading outside for a walk and then maybe a nap. I may even leave my phone behind. ? Nah, that is just crazy talk.

Take care of yourself.

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