Leveling Up

Breckenridge Resort

This week I learned the importance of leveling up. I like many people, are perfectly happy doing things which I know how to do.  There is something satisfying about completing activities well.  This week, I am headed off to Colorado to do something I don’t do well, skiing.

In fact, I believe I have skied a total of 5 times before heading out here.  Three of which were when I was in junior high.  Needless to say, I am not a skier. Continue reading “Leveling Up”



I seem to have lost my voice.  Not my real voice, my family can attest to the fact I can indeed speak, but I just haven’t had anything to say.

I am not certain what happened.  I think it happened when I took a solo trip out to California in February!  I know!  Four whole months have gone by and I just haven’t had anything to say! Continue reading “Voice”

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning has changed drastically as my children have grown older.  When they were little, my husband and I would be woken up long before the sun to see what Santa had brought them.

This morning, we are celebrating Christmas in a condo on the beach in Florida.  I was up watching the sunrise over the ocean this morning as my children lay sleeping in their beds.

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Exploring Carucao

Today, is a sea day on the ship, but yesterday we explored the amazing island of Curacao.  It is part of what is called the ABC Islands off the cost of South America.  This cruise hit two of the three islands, since yesterday we were in Aruba.  Some day, I will need to go back and see Bonaire.

We hopped off the ship first thing in the morning and went on a planned excursion.  Our tour guide happily answered questions about education, employment and life on the island while we drove to the first stop on the excursion. Continue reading “Exploring Carucao”

The Cruise Continues

Up Early again on the ship and we are pulling into our second port of the cruise.  Yesterday we were in Aruba.  Let me just say, there is nothing negative I can say about Aruba.  It is just as beautiful as you imagine it would be.  The water is incredibly blue and the beaches are pure white.

I am pretty sure I can see a coming back to spend a whole week on those beaches. May be some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.  And I heard there are more incredible beaches on the other side of the island. There just wasn’t enough time to explore the whole island.

The smiles on my kids faces as they saw the shores of Aruba will be ingrained in my mind forever. Continue reading “The Cruise Continues”

Vacation Mode

As we were driving to the airport my son asked if I was in vacation mode yet.  My husband answered that I would not be in vacation mode until after I made it through security at the airport, always a stress point for me.  


I replied my brain went on vacation mode several days before. You know the feeling when you are at work and you start to daydream about sunny days at a beach.  I would like to think I was productive my last few days at work, but I probably wasn’t.

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