Vacation Mode

As we were driving to the airport my son asked if I was in vacation mode yet.  My husband answered that I would not be in vacation mode until after I made it through security at the airport, always a stress point for me.  


I replied my brain went on vacation mode several days before. You know the feeling when you are at work and you start to daydream about sunny days at a beach.  I would like to think I was productive my last few days at work, but I probably wasn’t.

Honestly even though my brain went on vacation a few days ago, my body didn’t until last night.  My body didn’t join my mind on vacation mode until we arrived at the hotel last night. 

With a glass of wine in hand, hanging out with my family, vacation mode officially started. 

Fire light through my wine glass

 My body started letting go of the daily tensions it holds.

 I felt my body relax.  I took a deep breath.  I slowed down. 

It is an amazing feeling, when you reconnect with yourself.  When your brain stops rushing through what needs to happen next.  No need to replay what happened at work or what will happen tomorrow.  No need to discuss homework.

Just an opportunity to talk and listen to my children talk about life.  To see their excitement to be here and to get to the cruise ship tomorrow.

For the next 8 days, we have no responsibilities.  My husband and I will not need to go to work.  We don’t need to do laundry, rake the leaves or make dinner.  The next 8 days are all about having fun, relaxing and being a family. 

Vacation mode is a truly amazing feeling.  A little bit lazy. A little bit energizing.  A little bit of hope.  A little bit of wonder.  A little bit of the feeling I used to have as a child on Christmas morning, wondering what Santa brought.

On that thought, I am off to grab a coffee and find the ocean.  Maybe I’ll go for a run on the beach before we head to the ship.  Such wonderful decisions to make.

Morning Goals
Morning run

I’m signing off for the week.  You should go plan a vacation. It doesn’t have to be a big, crazy vacation.  Just some time away from everything which keeps you from being the person you want to be.


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