Christmas Morning

Christmas morning has changed drastically as my children have grown older.  When they were little, my husband and I would be woken up long before the sun to see what Santa had brought them.

This morning, we are celebrating Christmas in a condo on the beach in Florida.  I was up watching the sunrise over the ocean this morning as my children lay sleeping in their beds.

We opted this year to celebrate the holidays with each other.  No presents under a tree.  In fact, there is no tree here.  What we do have is all of us under one roof.  

I know as my children continue to get older, this will not happen.  They will choose to spend Christmas morning with their significant others.  I feel remarkably blessed that they all chose to drive 20 hours to spend the holiday with us.  Of course, it could also be that they wanted to escape the 30 degree temperatures in Michigan as well.

The sun is now fully up and my children have not budged from their slumbers.  In a little while, we will continue the tradition of a healthy breakfast of cinnamon rolls and eggs!  We will take our family walk along the beach this year instead of bundled up against the cold.

I know I am blessed to have this day.  I am double blessed that we got to spend the time leading up to this holiday together and not running through the mall, looking for the best present.  For me, the best present is being with them, all four of them.

Now remind me of this when all four of them are messing with each other and I am making Christmas dinner in a tiny kitchen!

May you be as blessed as I am to spend the time with your family this year.  Regardless if you family is the one you were born into, the one you gave birth to, or the one you created.

Merry Christmas!

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