What if I am Wrong?

What if I am wrong? I have been thinking about this a lot recently. What if what I believe to be true is wrong?  

How does my thinking and actions affect my life? Is this a significant problem if I am wrong, or will it merely be a setback with my plans?

What if I was wrong to start my company. What was the worse thing which could happen? I left a job, which I had outgrown, but paid me fairly. I would lose this stability, but I was also going to leave anyway. If the company did not/does not work, I will have gained a lot of experience and will go back to working for someone else.

What if I was wrong to not exercise today?

Is it life-threatening? No, at least not today, it isn’t. It is just important to not go too long without doing something you know you need and really want to do. Not exercising and moving for long periods is not something that affects you today, or maybe not tomorrow, but has long-term effects on your life. So, miss today if you must, but don’t miss the day after!

What if what I believe is happening in the world is wrong?

My “truths” on the pandemic, politics, and people may be wrong. This one is hard, and really why I started thinking about this. I have a hard time in my heart, believing people I have known for so long are just so wrong. What if it is really me who is wrong?  

But when I sit quietly and pray on this, I just don’t believe that I am wrong. And this has caused me untold levels of internal turmoil.  I feel deeply deceived by what I thought was true. Was I just naive to people’s true feelings? Maybe. I am also sure these people think I am crazy wrong as well.

So, I work really hard not to judge people for either their beliefs or their confusion about what is really true. Maybe it is me who isn’t right after all. It also isn’t my place to judge. I was raised to believe judgment belongs to the Creator, not me. So I work daily on letting this go.  (Sometimes, I work minute by minute on this!)

I am apprehensive about our country. About the future for our democracy. About what the world will look like if things continue along this path. I am deep down worried about this, and I pray that I am wrong! But I fear that I am not wrong.

If I am wrong, then everything will right itself.

The country’s unrest will settle peacefully. Justice served.  Freedom and equality will be real for all.

I pray that whether I am right or wrong, people find within themselves the ability to empathize with people who have not lived their lives. That we all take a step back and realize that we all have lived different lives, even if we were raised in the same household. We have all had different life experiences bringing us to our own truths.

I am not saying anyone is wrong and that I am right.  Not at all.  I don’t think I know what is right anymore. I just think that we all need to take a deep breath and ask ourselves, what are the consequences to my tightly held beliefs. What if what I believe to be true is only accurate for me, given my own life experiences. 

Take a deep breath, blow it out slowly and spend some time thinking about, “what if I am wrong.”

I have done it and do it daily.

Be kind, love more, and be present to today.

Blessings –





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