World Without Boundaries

From space, the earth is vast and is a world without boundaries. Technology has made this vast place small. With the click or a swipe on your computer, you can access just about anything you want.

Within moments, you can see the mountains, the ocean, the farms of the mid-west. You can travel across the country or world through the people you have met on Instagram. With a click of my mouse, we can come into another’s home, life, thoughts.

You can speak to the world through a platform like Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter just by logging in to it.

We sometimes speak or post without the thought of how this might influence or affect someone else. Or maybe that is why we post what we post. We want to influence others or go viral with our thoughts.

But what effect does this have on us and our society?

How does posting “facts” about the virus, the election, the “correct” political party, the protests affect other people? Do I care they are hurt, angry, sad?

Has the ability to reach anyone at any time eroded our communities? Our sense of empathy? Our compassion?

As we live in a world without boundaries, where your thoughts and beliefs can be spread in 280 characters or less, I request we think about the face of the person who may read what we posted. When you post, remember your neighbor, best friend, classmate, choir partner, boss, student, a child will read it. And you may get people to “like” your post. You may persuade people to engage with you. You may feed your ego, but to what end?

I have literally lost my breath reading posts. (I know this because my watch will remind me to breathe! ). Is this the reaction we want? Do we want others to be stunned by posts? Is this the impact we choose to have on our communities?

Do I want my child or any child to believe there is only one way to think? Or do I want them to feel the world is incredible, diverse, and unlimited?

may be wrong. Learning new things and discovering that my beliefs need tweaking, revamping, or just to be discarded is something I welcome. I enjoy seeing the world through other peoples’ eyes. It allows me an experience something I would not otherwise be able to.

I love seeing places I will never visit on Instagram. Watching people travel and experience life is incredible. I want to see weddings, the grandbabies, the graduations and hear about new jobs. I will sit in quiet prayer when you ask. When you lose family members, I pray for you.

I have started creating my own boundaries.

If my watch tells me to breathe, I take note of it. Hearing something shocking is just a part of life. It is surprising when we hear someone we love is sick or dies. It is hard to accept sometimes, but it is life. But the posts promoting hate, which shock, I’m done. I needed to create this boundary. There is enough stress in life without adding a one-sided conversation that knocks the wind out of me.

In a world without boundaries, I will not spread the hate. I won’t engage in it. You are welcome to your voice and beliefs; I will mute the hate.

Hate spreads quickly today. In a world without boundaries, chose wisely between love or hate because your family, community, country, and world need you to.

Chose compassion for those who are hurting. Chose to pray for those who need it.

In a world without boundaries, creating boundaries come back to you. Chose wisely.

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