What Do I Want?

We have arrived at the time of year when I start to question, what do I really want? Or maybe the question of what do I want begins with the holidays. I guess it could be the chicken and egg thing.

For me, I don’t really want a whole lot of things, at least material things. Yes, it would be nice to do some projects around the house, which I guess are material things, but mostly, I am all set.

What do I really want, and how do I make sure my life is aimed in a direction towards what I want.

What I want is:

  • More time with family. 
  • To experience more new places and things in life.
  • To spend more time hanging out and doing nothing.
  • For my company to grow and serve the community.
  • To be healthy and for my friends and family to be fit
  • A half marathon time of 2.5 hours
  • To live without clutter.
  • To serve others.
  • The ability to give to others without wondering how I will pay my bills.
  • To be debt-free.

I am sure I have other wants, but this is my initial list.

If I were to look at my calendar and how I spend my time, will I find that I spend my time working on things I really want? How much real-time have, I spent with family and friends. Real-time, not sleeping, on my phone, but time with them.

How many miles have a logged this year? Or even, when was the last time I ran? ?

How much extra stuff is around my home because I may need it someday? When was the last time I went through a room and removed things?


So, moving into a new year, where everything seems all bright and shiny, what will I do with my wants?

I am starting with my calendar. My calendar needs more of what I want on it. I should see time spent moving towards my wants and away from things I don’t need. I can’t say how it will go, but the plan is to work my calendar so my life reflects what I deem to be important. And a weekly check-in with myself to see how it is really going.

What is it you really want, and how are you planning on getting it?

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