Going After What I Want

It appears I stopped showing up. I stopped moving forward, and I just stopped going after what I want. And I don’t mean in a holiday craziness kind of way. I just haven’t even done the everyday things I had been doing.

I pulled out my weekly planner, where I write down my daily to-do list. It starts on a Monday and then goes through the week. When I looked at it, the last week I had used it was the week beginning November 30.

It had been almost four weeks since I had last used it! Four weeks!

I then reviewed when I broke my social media streak. A little over three weeks ago. Content writing, two weeks ago. When did I get out of my routines? About three weeks ago.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

See, I am a list maker. I even write things down I did, just to cross them out. It makes me feel like I accomplished something.

The list maker wasn’t making lists.

It isn’t like I didn’t know this was happening. Or it wasn’t happening, but I just didn’t realize just how long it had been since I had been writing things down!

I am not sure which happened first if I just lost it and didn’t want to see things written down that I wasn’t doing? Or was it the lack of list writing which caused the lack of productivity.

I know for sure that if I don’t hold myself accountable for what I want to do, I will never get it done.

It is part of the fun of being self-employed. You do not have a boss over you, reminding you of deadlines and tasks to keep you moving on the days when you don’t want to do something. So, sometimes, you just don’t do it. But then again, if you don’t keep going, there will be no paycheck coming either!!

So, to get back to going after what I want, I am filling out my to-do list today. I know I am wasting a week on my planner, but I just can’t see another day go by without moving forward. And at least this way, if I chose to not do today’s tasks, I will know I need to move them over to a new week and start them tomorrow.

I just can’t stand having things left on my task list, so at least something will get done today.

I am tired of having so much stuff left undone. It is exhausting me to the bone. So, here goes nothing, writing my list to get me moving towards what I want.

What methods do you use to get your goals done? Are you like me and need a list or calendar reminders?

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