The Undone

My list of all of the undone stuff is overwhelming. And what is worse, most of the undone tasks don’t even make it to the to-do list anymore!

It’s strange how there always seems to be something I just don’t want to do. It may be something I perceive to be hard; it may be something unpleasant. But mostly, it is just stuff I am procrastinating doing.

And because I got tired of moving it every day from one to-do list to another, I just dropped them off the list. Which honestly, is worse than just writing it down. Because now, those things are taking up mental space.

My undone tasks are now causing angst, interrupting sleep, and keeping me from feeling content.

With all of the downside, I wonder why it is; I won’t just do them. Why do I allow something as simple as writing a thank you note or filing papers to take up mental space?

Why am I allowing such simple things to cause me to feel less than in my life?

I wish I had the answers to this question, I don’t. What I can do is put these items back on my list. To move the undone to the top of the list. Well, actually, put them back on the list. And dedicate a day to the undone.

To decide that although these things don’t seem important, they are important if they are causing stress.

To deal with this, I need to decide to do these things or remove them from my life. Do I really want to write the thank you note? Or is it not that important? Do the papers really need to filed? Or can I throw them away.

I just need to decide today how to deal with these undone items. 

What is on your undone list? And what are you going to do with them?

Be blessed –

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