Embracing the Awkward

Being an entrepreneur means each day brings something new.  The website is down. The constant need to create social media posts, blog posts and should I be doing video?

Some things are fun.  Some, well, I would just rather not do.  Ever. 

There have always been things in my job that I didn’t necessarily enjoy.  It could have been doing collections, expense reports, sorting through a grocery bag filled with receipts on tax day.  But those things are really nothing compared to networking.

Being an introvert, I am much more comfortable in small situations.  One on one situations where you have a chance to talk with someone.  Or really, I would wayyyy rather be behind the scenes doing the creating.

But when it is your company, the one you are putting all of your time, energy and money into.  There is really no one else available to do this.  This is a one person show, so the networking and selling is all on me.

I’m currently at a craft show conference.  There are people from across the country and Europe as well.  And it is now up to me to sell my company.  To let people know what I have created.  To find out if this will work.  To find out what I may need to change in order for it to provide value to artists.

I believe it does.  I believe that if I can just get to a tipping point, this will provide value and hopefully income and resources for artists, crafters and creatives.

What I get to do now is, embrace the awkward.  To know there will be people who have no idea this is something they may need or want.  To know that even if they do decide they may want to do this, it may still take months for any of them to sign up.

I flew across the country to do this.  It is now time to engage my inner extrovert, I am sure she is in there somewhere.  Or maybe channel some of the badass women I know and definitely channel my sister’s energy.  I am sure if she was here she would tell me to get off my ass and off my computer and go do my thing.  Or really, go do that thing which is so not my thing.  Make this company work so I can help the artists thrive.

Ok.  Enough procrastinating.  Time to go out and talk to people and ask them how my company can best serve them.

Send good thoughts!  I am going to need them.  And maybe I will need a few drinks afterwards as well.  Ugg.

Again, send good thoughts.

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