Why is Writing so Hard?

Why is writing so hard?  Do you ever sit down to write and just can’t seem to do it?  For me, the hardest part of writing is writing. Sounds crazy to even say this out loud or rather put the words on paper. But as I sit here today, needing to write my post for my company, I just don’t seem to be focused on writing.  

I am not sure what it is about writing, but somehow everything else seems like a priority. I will start a load of laundry right after opening up my writing software. Then, I am pretty sure the toilet needs to be cleaned. Because honestly, doesn’t it always need to be cleaned?

So, the washer started and toilet cleaned, I suddenly notice the sink has dirty dished in it. I should just quickly unload the dishwasher and put the dirty ones away. And while doing these chores, I wonder why I am the only person in the house who seems to do any. Then I remember the deal my husband and I have where he makes dinner, and I clean up the dishes, so I guess it is my job to do the dishes. 

But all this time thinking about how unfair all of this is has gotten me riled up. So when I finally sit down at my computer again, it takes a moment to calm down enough to write. 

Back at my keyboard, I notice my coffee has grown cold while I was having a mental break down about the dishes, so I get back up and warm it up.

With warmed up coffee now, I stare off for a moment to get myself ready to write. Where was I when I got distracted. Wait, are those cobwebs?? Is there a spider in that web, or can I clean it up?? Spider? Ok, it is going to have to wait. Is the spider moving? Should I relocate?  

Nah, I’m good.  

These distractions happen for so long this morning I am starting to feel like I am getting behind. I still have a long list of tasks I wanted to accomplish, none of which were the dishes, toilet, laundry, and cobweb removal. Should I even write, or should I move on to the next item that needs my attention on the list? You know, the thing which I can really do without somehow needing to clean up my whole house to do it.

I know I just need to start writing. Even committing to 100 words is helpful. Just take  baby steps.  This isn’t a novel I’m writing I just need to regularly write for my business. This shouldn’t be so hard. I have a list of topics to be covered. I have even researched a good portion of each subject, I just need to get my notes out and start writing—even a little.

Why is writing so hard for me?

I think it is because I want everything to come out perfectly. I want well-organized sentences and a flow to my writing. The kind of flow I read from other writers. You know, the people who actually sit down and do the writing thing.  

I heard somewhere you just need to commit to the “shitty first draft” of writing. I know all of this, yet I still expect to have hours of uninterrupted time to get something real down. And it isn’t as though it is my family interrupting me. It is my own brain doing this.

Even as I am typing right now, I see the notification that I have spelling errors from my typing. It is taking everything in me to not go back and fix the problems. They call to me. I know, shitty first draft, no editing while writing, yet there they are…..

Ok, I fixed them……

At least I can acknowledge I have a problem. Well, multiple issues here, but I can’t take the notifications telling me something needs to be fixed! Pretty sure I could turn that off while I am writing, so it doesn’t bug me. Hmm. Yup. I can do that. So, one problem fixed for now.

Now, if I can only get my butt in the chair long enough to get a draft of my post done today, I will consider it a successful day. Laundry is done, dishes are done, cobwebs removed, weeds pulled, and a draft of Wednesday’s post ready to edit tomorrow.

Maybe next Sunday, I can make sure Monday morning everything is done, so it is just me, my hot coffee, and the keyboard ready to write.

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