The Pause ends in July

And just like that, it is July.

Reflecting on the first half of the year is hard. At the beginning of 2020, there were goals to be achieved. Days were lived with purpose. Each day I was moving forward on my business plans. To-do lists were written, and daily tasks crossed out.

To be honest, of course, there were days when I rewrote the previous day’s to-do list. Not every day went the way you thought it might, but generally, things were moving in a specific direction.

And then rumors of a virus hit the news. The stories became facts, and life came to a halt.

My work came to a halt.

My industry is likely to not have in-person events the same way for quite some time. I can hope things will change soon, but if they don’t, it is time to pivot.

With that in mind, I have been thinking about what I need to do to move forward. I can’t stay in this permanent pause.

A pause is temporary.

I didn’t push stop, just pause—time to resume movement.

What I know for sure is life is short. Pauses valuable to give us time to think, rest, and plan. However, life is best lived through experiences.

This week is back to planning and moving. It may be baby steps, but they are steps forward. Tomorrow, today’s actions may need to be retraced or backtracked, but it is time to move. Time to live again, even if life looks different.

To all of you like me stuck in the pause, what can you safely do today to put you in motion?

Think small, baby steps. Nothing is too small. Take one step forward. You can do it. We all can do it.

Let’s move forward and enjoy July and the rest of this year. We may not know what lies before us, but we can greet whatever is coming with optimism, hope, and grace for ourselves and others.

Blessings –

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