New week, new beginnings, new possibilities

For all of you who have kept your shit together, I am deeply impressed.
Me? Every time I began to get my shit together, something else happened. I will be honest and say the past 3 1/2 months flew by in a blur of wasted moments, panic, fear, love, loss, beginnings, and endings.

At the start of this new week, I feel ready to put things back in order. To move forward with the goals I was working on way back in February and early March. The journey ahead may look different than I thought it would, but I still believe in achieving the goals I was working towards.

Things may not look the same as they did a year ago. A year ago, I would have never thought we would have been struggling with a pandemic. I would never have thought my country would have politicized the way out of the epidemic.

I also would not have thought my son’s last year of school would be cut short. No prom, no final senior activities. No chance to say goodbye to your classmates and teachers. I would not have guessed what it would feel like to send him off to basic training a mere week after he graduated.

But here we are. Life is different, and now it is time to embrace the way forward.

I hope I keep it together. But some days, it is a moment by moment thing.

So here’s to the journey! The twists, turns, hills, and valleys are all the exciting parts of the trip. I just hope I manage to stay on the road.

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