New Routines

New year, new routines?  Or am I still trying to find one which works well for me.

Having been on the road much of the end of 2019, waking up to a home which wasn’t mine, I found it hard to be grounded in routine.  What exactly should I be doing and when?  What was the number one thing I should get done today?

With the lack of routine and no looming deadlines, I found it hard to be as productive as I would like.  Or near as productive as I was when I was working full-time.  Which makes no sense to me.

I have cut 2-3 hours of driving from my life.  This is 2-3 hours I figured I could use to exercise, work, do projects which needed to be completed around the house.

But with no deadlines, I found I wasn’t exercising, cooking, finishing projects and my business was not where I would thought it would be by now.

So, back to setting up a routine for me.  Back to getting ready for the morning, even if it means I shower and head back to my home office.  Using my early morning before work creative time to be creative again.  Writing and then editing photos.

I also have discovered the daily routine of interacting and talking to people is something I miss.  I miss coming into an office and saying hi to my coworkers.  I miss catching up with people on their lives and finding out how their kids are doing.

It is time for me to schedule time to be around the people I love.  Or maybe just schedule time to be around people in general.  😂It just isn’t right to spend quite so much time in my own head.  It is kind of dangerous in there.

So, finding routines which will work at home and while I am on the road is what I will be working on over the next few days.  But not early in the morning, that is my time.  And I vow to not spend time working in my pajamas anymore.  Time to get up and ready for my day.


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