Closing the Doors on 2020

With the closing of the doors on 2020, we have opened new ones. As we walk through these doors, we have the choice to learn from 2020 or continue down the same path we were on last year.

To set a new course, we first need to know what went wrong and what went right. If we don’t look back on the year to understand what we did, which caused poor results, how will we correct them?

I will say it was not fun doing it. It brought up all sorts of yuck from the year. But it was also therapeutic. And on the other side of the tears shed for 2020, there is now hope for 2021.

Closing the doors on 2020 and let’s just say, locking the doors shut on 2020, has brought back hope for me.  And for me, hope was sorely lacking last year.

So, I am taking my renewed hope and walking into 2021. Walking into 365 days to create and live the life I want to be living. 365 days to serve, love, and live in this world.

Hope is precious, and I know it can be damaged so easily. Let’s keep it burning bright for each other.

Blessings –

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