Celebrity Loss List

Celebrity Loss List

It is the time of year when the media outlets start showcasing the celebrities we lost this year. The actors whose performances riveted us in our seats. The musicians whose music we grew up singing to in the car. The authors whose books made us think in different ways.

But this year was a year many of us experienced personal losses; family, friends, coworkers, and our fur babies. Lives which ended before we rang in 2022.

I would love to take a moment to talk about a few of my losses. Losses I haven’t yet processed. Which don’t seem real yet, because I haven’t yet experienced the events they should be at, but won’t.

I am not doing this for sympathy, I would just love to fill our social media with the real people we lost this year. The meaningful relationships we all had, which ended in 2021. Please add yours and share. Let’s celebrate their lives today and always.

My Aunt Carol just passed away this week.

I’m not sure I can put into words the place she held in my heart. She was my Mom’s sister, so she was like a mom, but without all “mom baggage,” If that makes sense?

I received a tremendous amount of support and love from her. She was always the first to grab me in a huge hug when we saw each other. She also made sure to give me a hug when she left.

When I almost lost my daughter, she called and texted almost daily. Just to let me know she was praying, to send love, or for someone to vent to. It was a terrible time, and her love helped me to survive it.

When I was in elementary school, I got the privilege of spending a few days with her and her family. This was a big deal in a family of six to get sometime away. My Aunt may have secretly got my ears pierced while I was there.

My Mom had said no. So this was a big deal. Maybe, don’t share this, my Mom. It may trigger me to get grounded again. ?

She was also one of the most creative and gifted artists I know. I have copies of the watercolors she painted many years ago. She was incredibly talented and shared her gift with others. Sometimes teaching classes, but recently, spending time with her granddaughter sharing her love of art with her.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. Her life and love gave me more than I could share and her death, well, I can’t give words to it yet.

Robert Troutman was a former coworker of mine.

He was doing God’s work in Detroit working on workforce development and education. Just his work changed the lives of thousands of children in Detroit. But to him, it wasn’t just working, it was a mission.

His smile lit up the room! But I also remember the days he was frustrated and came up to the lunchroom while I was there. Those were the days we would watch Jerry Springer because it put things into perspective for him. Otherwise, we were watching Days of Our Lives. Robert would have to fill me in on the many years of backstories of the characters. I have to say, I haven’t watched either without him. They just aren’t the same without his take on them.

He was also a fellow traveler who loved exploring cities. Our love of Detroit, Chicago, and NYC. The places I visited because he suggested it. We spend many hours talking about his trips and our love of travel. I have a long bucket list of places to visit from our talks.

I like to think he is off exploring and will be there with a list of things to see when we meet up again.

Robert Hughes was my husband’s uncle.

He retired and moved to Florida not long after I married my husband. But I remember him as someone who always had a smile and a joke. I will admit, not all the jokes were clean, but he always made me laugh. He was a kind-hearted man who left behind his wife, children, and grandchildren.

Just three of the many people I know who didn’t live to see 2022. The world is a little less bright without you, but you all made the world a better place while you were here. Thank you, and I will miss each of you.

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