The Daily Edit

Journalists who wrote for newspapers knew everything about the daily edit. They submitted their articles, went to an editor, and made changes, deletions, and corrections. It was a daily edit of their work. 

In school, our teachers had us write drafts of papers. We turned them in; she/he used a red pen and marked them up. Spelling errors, grammatical errors, ideas that needed to be expanded upon or removed entirely were all marked in red. Sometimes, it was a complete restart from one draft to the next. (Just me??)

But after school, there was  no one to edit what we say or bring into our lives.  Free from other’s thoughts on our ideas, no restrictions.  We buy things with abandon. We post on social media with no care for errors. Is what we are saying based on facts? Do we care?

Most social media allows for an edit/delete button. We post something with a grammatical error, we hit the ellipsis and correct it. If we find out it was really off base – we can delete it. But do we look back and do this? Do we edit?

When was the last time we really went through our thoughts or things in life and edited them?

We make decisions about buying something, a subscription, a newsletter, a magazine, and it keeps showing up in our lives. Never really thinking about if as it clutters up our tables and living spaces. (We may even be paying for it, but we don’t think about it again.) Is this thing serving us anymore? Does it make my life better?

I have decided this year will be the year of the daily edit. Changing, deleting, revising things in my life which no longer serve a purpose – my purpose.

Daily, I will look at things and decide, does it stay in my life? Does this make my life better? Or I guess, someone in my home’s life better? If not, it is edited out.

Nothing too big to start with, I think I will head to my spice cabinet. I am sure there are things in there which are expired sometime in the 90’s. Or spices I needed once for a recipe I will never make again. It should be an easy first win for me.

What is one thing you could quickly edit out of your life, which would make your life better? 


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