No Excuses

I have decided experiment with living without excuses.  This means that I either do something or I fully decide to not do something.  This isn’t like the beginning of the year where we set our new year’s resolutions and then get to the end of January and have completely disregarded them.

This is just deciding to have the self-discipline to see something through to the end.  To decide that these goals are deeply important to me and worth my time, or they really aren’t important and I am just not going to think about them anymore.

It is setting my life up so that it is easier to abide by my goals.  Removing the things which are distracting me from seeing things through.  So, if my goal is to write, only having open my writing software and not my email.  Not having my phone next to me so I can see what my friends are up to on social media.

It is having healthy food available in the house so I don’t eat the sugary cereal for breakfast.  Or worse, skip breakfast and hit the vending machine half-way through the morning!

It is having my gym bag ready in the morning, packed with my work clothes so I can just grab it and go. 

It is writing out my priorities the night before, so I can check off my list as I go.

It is having my camera charged and in my bag so I can stop and take pictures. My day is so much more creative when it starts this way! 

And if I don’t do those things which I have deemed most important in my life, I will not make any excuses.  I was tired, I didn’t feel well, I didn’t have the time….  

Nope, there will be no excuses moving forward.  Either I choose to live the life I really want to live, or I don’t. 

There is no one to blame but me if I take an easy way out.  And if I continuous take the easy way out, I then need to consciously decide, do I really want to be different or am I happy the way things are?

If the answer is I want to be different, than I need to do the things necessary to live this different life.  I need to actually put in the work.  Consistently.  Every day!

But if I am really happy the way things are, then I just need to let things go.  If I am already living the life I want to lead, then I need to not let my ego decide I want a promotion, to be thinner, to be a faster runner.  

Either way, no excuses.  Decide to do the work or let it go.  I only have this one life, I don’t want to should of my way through it.

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