Just Another Day

Today is just another day. It isn’t a holiday. It isn’t a dreaded Monday or a fun Saturday. Today is just another day.

How many of us woke up and moved forward with our lives just like we do any other morning? We have our routines, and today is no different than any other day.

Today, you may be on your first cup of coffee, or maybe your fourth cup (me)! Perhaps today, you have already exercised because that is part of your routine. Maybe you have sat quietly and meditated. Gone through your emails or checked social media. Just to discover it is just another morning of people complaining about the government, someone has a birthday, someone lost someone they loved.

Just another day.

Having gone through your phone, you may have been pulled into someone else’s drama. An email from someone at work who needed something done yesterday. Or it may be someone at work who isn’t getting something done for you, so you are behind already, and your workday hasn’t even officially started.

It feels like just any other day.

Yet, today, this ordinary day is a gift.

I’m not sure why some of us were given this gift of today when others weren’t. Those types of questions are not something I can answer.

Yet, you and I were given this ordinary day to live.

What are you going to do with this gift of time?

I have my list of things I am going to do today, but looking at this time as a gift, has made me rethink what else should be on that list. Or maybe it is just a matter of living and doing the items on my to-do list with a sense of gratitude. With the knowledge that others will not have the ability to have to make dinner, do their family’s laundry, or send out belated Christmas cards.

Today is just another day, yet it is the most precious day of the year because I can live it.

Blessings –


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