What I am grateful for

I have been incredibly blessed in my life.  I want to take a moment to say thanks for all I have been given.

The people in my life: 

Amazing parents!  I can’t imagine a better set of parents.  I even knew I was lucky when I was a teen-ager, even though I may not have agreed with them, I knew they were incredible, loving, supportive parents.

My brothers and Sister:  I was blessed with a “normal” family of crazy teasing, fun and a whole lot of laughter!  It was a great way to grow up in a house filled with love.

My husband: you have made me a better person.  I love you.

My children: who may make me crazy on a daily basis.  But they are incredible, loving, loyal children.  I am proud of the people they are growing into.

Friends:  the people who know too much about me, but still want to be my friend.  Thank you!!!

The adventures in my life I have taken amazing trips and had some fun adventures.  I have visited a few countries and am working on visiting all 50 states.  I know I am blessed to be able to travel and I hope I am becoming a better person with each adventure.

Education: The ability to have attended college and receive a degree.  I know, as a woman, this isn’t always a possibility, so I am grateful my parents pushed me to complete my degree.

Career:  I have worked for amazing organizations and become a better worker and person because of who/where I worked.  To be able to work with for an organization which promotes work life balance.  I have worked with bright, hardworking people who strive to make our community better.  I am also grateful for the ability to create something new.  It is an amazing time of ups and downs.  Hoping I can pay forward all I have learned in a meaningful way in the future.

The stuff: well I am lucky to have a home and a cottage.  I also have more “stuff” than I should and am working on not accumulating more stuff, but have more adventures instead.

For everyone I am immensely grateful for you in my life.  I deeply appreciate the opportunities I have been given and will work hard on not squandering the blessings I have been given in my life.

Thank you. 

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