Early Morning Quiet

It is early on Friday morning, and all is quiet in my home. There are no other sounds, but the sounds of the ceiling fans whirling. The occasional sound of the refrigerator humming and the birds chirping outside.

These moments are all mine.

Mine with a big mug of coffee or two. But they are still all mine. There is no one talking to me. No outside thoughts, at least none that I don’t bring into my mornings. Just quiet.

Some mornings I get right to work. Marking things right off my to-do list. Some mornings I allow myself to get distracted by reading emails. Looking at social media, or plunging into cleaning up the kitchen. (Which somehow looks like a party happened while I was sleeping.)

This morning, the kitchen is clean. The house is quiet.

I sit down to get to work.

Work has been hard recently. The shutdown of in-person events has left me wondering how to move forward. I watch others work through this. Some are doing amazing things, some are just kind of stumbling along. This is new territory for all of us. Some virtual events look fantastic. Yet, I wonder what the sales are like for the artists who participate.

I wonder how the event organizers will survive without their annual fundraising. I wonder how artists provide for themselves without the ability to sell directly to customers at a fair. Are they able to drive enough customers through Etsy or their website?

But when I go down this rabbit hole, I have discovered it just paralyzes me. It isn’t my role to worry, it is my role to provide a solution to this problem.

So, I am back to work to find a solution to this new problem. A problem we all hope will end soon, but realistically know could go on for another year.

Organizations have lost a significant source of revenue. Artists have lost one source of their income as well. We need to find a way to at least temporarily connect artists with consumers in a virtual space.

This is where I will be spending my time over the coming weeks.

So, I am back to the computer, working on solutions in the quiet of the pre-dawn hours. Because it is only a matter of time before the house wakes and I want to spend as much time as possible with my family before they all head back to their own homes.  I know these areStolen Moments.

Here’s to quiet mornings leading us to crazy fun-filled days.

Blessings –

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