Being a Beginner

Being a beginner at something is interesting. You have no built-in belief you should be good at it you are just learning.  Most likely, you are willing to learn and take instruction. You may get a coach or take lessons.  You read articles, watch videos and listen to the experts on how to do this new thing.

Being a beginner brings a willingness to listen, to practice and to fail.

This week, I am skiing. Skiing, according to my husband, is an uncomplicated sport. It is the ability to turn and stop. Both of which will help you to control the speed at which you head down the mountain.

Uncomplicated, but not necessarily easy. It takes practice. Lots of practice.

Being in a beginner’s mindset has removed all of the pride involved in doing something poorly, that small children are doing well. And by small, I mean some of them haven’t seen their second birthday yet.

My thoughts are, find the most manageable hills possible, and practice the basics. Turning. Stopping. Getting on and off the lift, practice turning and stopping.

And sometimes, it really is just a matter of pointing the skis more downhill without causing a major panic attack.

Whatever it is you are thinking of starting, remember being a beginner is a gift.

The risks of failure are smaller as a beginner than if you have been at something for a long time and are still not good at it. It could be no one even knows you are trying this new venture.

Take the time to learn, practice, fail, learn, practice, grow—a cycle which you will continue to do until you are no longer a beginner.

Be blessed –


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