No Excuses


I have decided experiment with living without excuses.  This means that I either do something or I fully decide to not do something.  This isn’t like the beginning of the year where we set our new year’s resolutions and then get to the end of January and have completely disregarded them.

This is just deciding to have the self-discipline to see something through to the end.  To decide that these goals are deeply important to me and worth my time, or they really aren’t important and I am just not going to think about them anymore.

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Thank you

Two little words, which mean so much, thank you.

Merriam Webster defines thank you as “a polite expression of one’s gratitude”.

Sometimes in our busy lives, we forget to reach out and thank those who have made our lives more fun, easier, better.  It isn’t that we don’t appreciate them, we just forget to say it.

I had a recent experience where I was both the receiver of thanks and I in-turn thanked people.  It brought to light, how very important it is to say these words.

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Living on Purpose


The past four months have brought a lot of change through loss. Often in the middle of change, we wonder what the point of life is. Or at least, ponder what our purpose is in life.

A couple of months ago, my husband was in a car accident. The car was a total loss and didn’t survive the crash, but both he and the other drivers did. I am not sure how he walked away unhurt, but I am immensely grateful he is still alive; a blessing in my life, for sure.

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