A Drive-by Christmas

Christmas House

This year was a first for us, a drive-by Christmas celebration. Since I met my husband in 1985, we have spent all but two Christmas Eves at his parents’ home. And those two times, we had chosen to spend the holidays in Florida with just the six of us together.

Last night was the first time in 35 years; we have not spent the evening eating, laughing, sharing, and spending the evening with his family. Continue reading “A Drive-by Christmas”

Being a Beginner

Beginner Ski Hill - Beaver Creek

Being a beginner at something is interesting. You have no built-in belief you should be good at it you are just learning.  Most likely, you are willing to learn and take instruction. You may get a coach or take lessons.  You read articles, watch videos and listen to the experts on how to do this new thing.

Being a beginner brings a willingness to listen, to practice and to fail. Continue reading “Being a Beginner”

Play – Maybe We Need to Get Back to Playing Again

Snow Boards - Play

I remember as a child being sent outside to play. We were called in to eat lunch, dinner, or do chores, but we needed to play outside most of the day. As an adult, when was the last time you went out to play?

It has been a long time for me too!

And yet, so much of life is learned through playing. We learn about being competitive, fair play, rules, working as a team, or just what you are good at. Or maybe more important than what you are good at, something you enjoy doing.

If this season of “pause” has taught me nothing else, we all need to spend more time playing. Continue reading “Play – Maybe We Need to Get Back to Playing Again”

The Undone

The Undone List

My list of all of the undone stuff is overwhelming. And what is worse, most of the undone tasks don’t even make it to the to-do list anymore!

It’s strange how there always seems to be something I just don’t want to do. It may be something I perceive to be hard; it may be something unpleasant. But mostly, it is just stuff I am procrastinating doing. Continue reading “The Undone”

Doing the Hard Things – Walk Away From the Cupcake

Chocolate Cupcake

Doing the hard things are well, hard. Not that doing them is difficult; it could be simple to do, yet hard to do at the same time. Like this, explaining something in circles.

Doing the hard thing could be saying no to something you want to do but know you shouldn’t do. Like eating a cupcake is easy and choosing not to is hard. At least for me it is. But if I want to have the energy to get through my day and honestly, be able to button up my jeans, I need to do the hard thing and walk away from the cupcake. Continue reading “Doing the Hard Things – Walk Away From the Cupcake”

Making a difference

Woman walking on a path

Sometimes, you don’t know if what you are doing is making a difference. You show up every day but don’t see a change.

Sometimes this is because the work you are doing is creating small changes—nothing you see with your eyes. But over time, others will see the difference. An example of this might be working out, you don’t see the 10 pounds you lost, but others notice it.

Other times, you just do work you believe in and hope someone gets value from it. But honestly, you may never know in your lifetime unless someone tells you.

Today, someone reached out to me through my DMS. My posts on Instagram had inspired her to create today. I have been posting daily for months, hoping someone would get value from what I was posting. I would never have known, but someone took a moment to send a message. It meant everything to me.

So there are two important ways making a difference in this story:
1. Keep showing up and doing the work you believe in. You may feel like you are speaking into a void, but someone is getting value from your work. And honestly, your daily practice is making you better.
2. Let someone know when something moves, inspires, or even makes you laugh. Your kind words may be the difference between someone continuing their work or stoping it.

And doing the first can cause the second, which in turn causes the first. And life is just a little bit better.

Be blessed –


Picture of me - tired with coffee cup

I’m tired. I feel like maybe this is part of a ten-step program, the acknowledgement of the problem. So here it goes, my name is Catherine and I’m tired.  Deep down, bone tired. I know I am not the only one felling this way. Sometimes I think I can just outrun this fatigue, but honestly, I can’t.

I am sure there is more than one cause of this tiredness. The constant monitoring of my health to make sure I am not sick. The continual washing of my hands. The constant canceling of plans. At this point, my calendar is pretty much empty, except for two weeks coming up.

I am tired of working more than one job because I started a company in the events industry and well 2020….

I am worn out because I am always worried about my kids, husband, parents.

I’m exhausted because, for some reason, I go onto social media and ….. Do I even need to state more on this?

I am tired because I don’t go to the gym to exercise, because I am too tired. And yes I know if I exercised, I would be less tired. But I’m too exhausted to make it out the door. With a side of is it really safe to work out at a gym?

I am tired because I see so much loss around me—a loss of income, life, health, community.

This isn’t something unique to me.

I think we need to acknowledge the constant strain of this year is having on us. As a society, we are just tired. And there appears to be no solution coming anytime soon. 

I certainly do not have a solution. But I am hoping that by acknowledging that I am not ok. That I am tired, physically, emotionally and spiritually from this year, that I will be able to find a way to live around this feeling. To move forward with it, since I don’t seem to be able to leave it behind.

On that note, I am heading outside for a walk and then maybe a nap. I may even leave my phone behind. 😳 Nah, that is just crazy talk.

Take care of yourself.

World Without Boundaries

Sedona before Sunrise

From space, the earth is vast and is a world without boundaries. Technology has made this vast place small. With the click or a swipe on your computer, you can access just about anything you want.

Within moments, you can see the mountains, the ocean, the farms of the mid-west. You can travel across the country or world through the people you have met on Instagram. With a click of my mouse, we can come into another’s home, life, thoughts.

You can speak to the world through a platform like Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter just by logging in to it.

We sometimes speak or post without the thought of how this might influence or affect someone else. Or maybe that is why we post what we post. We want to influence others or go viral with our thoughts.

But what effect does this have on us and our society?

Continue reading “World Without Boundaries”

What if I am Wrong?

The Thinker

What if I am wrong? I have been thinking about this a lot recently. What if what I believe to be true is wrong?  

How does my thinking and actions affect my life? Is this a significant problem if I am wrong, or will it merely be a setback with my plans?

What if I was wrong to start my company. What was the worse thing which could happen? I left a job, which I had outgrown, but paid me fairly. I would lose this stability, but I was also going to leave anyway. If the company did not/does not work, I will have gained a lot of experience and will go back to working for someone else. Continue reading “What if I am Wrong?”